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Curvy Scouts: “Hiking Up”!
Sep 12, 2014

Sorry for not updating this space in a while! You should catch up with “Hiking Up”, the latest story at the Curvy Scouts site, now with over 250 pages of Scout-only comics and art!

If you’re not a Scout yet, hit the button:

Quasi-annual women’s health fundraiser!
Dec 1, 2014

This month, 100% of the cover price of all Curvy books will go to Planned Parenthood. Fill a loved one’s stocking with smut at the Curvy store and support women’s health and reproductive rights around the world!

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Fan art

Thank you, everyone! You guys rule!

A lacy Fauna, by convicted webcartoonist Egypt Urnash of Five Glasses of Absinthe.
Fabulous Mallory sketch by Jess.
A super-cute Agent Wexler and Mme. Zelle, by webcomics sensation Sophie G of Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell.
Anaïs and Fauna, by Karandosh. One of two versions.
Anaïs and Fauna, by Karandosh. One of two versions.
A fabulous Captain Bloodybelly, by Sofia.
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