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Curvy Scouts: “Hiking Up”!
Sep 12, 2014

Sorry for not updating this space in a while! You should catch up with “Hiking Up”, the latest story at the Curvy Scouts site, now with over 250 pages of Scout-only comics and art!

If you’re not a Scout yet, hit the button:

SPX! And “Lost Temple of Ow” books!
Sep 12, 2014

If you can’t make it down to SPX this weekend (table C6!), you can finally buy The Lost Temple of Ow and more in the Curvy store!

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Fan art

Thank you, everyone! You guys rule!

A lacy Fauna, by convicted webcartoonist Egypt Urnash of Five Glasses of Absinthe.
Fabulous Mallory sketch by Jess.
A super-cute Agent Wexler and Mme. Zelle, by webcomics sensation Sophie G of Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell.
Anaïs and Fauna, by Karandosh. One of two versions.
Anaïs and Fauna, by Karandosh. One of two versions.
A fabulous Captain Bloodybelly, by Sofia.
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