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Curvy Scouts: “Lost Temple of Ow”!
May 8, 2013

Another new page of “The Lost Temple of Ow” — updating at the Curvy Scouts site, now with nearly 200 pages of Scout-only comics and art, and a new, more navigable interface!

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New books for sale!
May 11, 2013

You guys! I’ve got a pile of Curvy, volume threes here and they’re so pretty! You should buy one! Plus, there’s the Lava World Vacation Curvy Scout story and more in the store!

Curvy: Book 3Curvy: Lava World Vacation

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April 14, 2014: Curvy, page 15d. Fourth page of the new Director’s Cut scene from Chapter 1 of Curvy.
April 4, 2014: Curvy, page 15c. Third page of the new Director’s Cut scene from Chapter 1 of Curvy.
March 30, 2014: The cover of the new Lost Temple of Ow printed book! I’ll have it for sale on the site soon, and I’m also taking it on the road next weekend—get first crack at prying it from my warm living hands at MoCCA! Featuring the 50 pages from Curvy Scouts, spruced up and fancified with gray bits for interesting tonal shadowiness!
March 29, 2014: A sneak peak at my totally legit upcoming sports manga!
March 19, 2014: Curvy, page 15b. Second page of the new Director’s Cut scene from Chapter 1 of Curvy. See the previous page for a reminder as to what’s going on.
March 13, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 14.
March 8, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 13.
March 3, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 12.
February 26, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 11.
February 21, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 10.
February 16, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 9.
February 11, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 8.
February 6, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 7.
February 1, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 6.
January 27, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 5.
January 26, 2014: Curvy, page 15a. Hey, folks! I’m drawing a little extra Director’s Cut scene of Anaïs and Fauna hanging out and getting to know each other. Back when I drew Chapter 1 of Curvy, I skipped over this bit because I was feeling impatient, and the omission has been nagging at me ever since. The scene comes immediately after this page in the previous continuity.
January 22, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 4.
January 19, 2014: Fervid pinup from the sketchbook!
January 17, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 3.
January 12, 2014: ASTEROID!, page 2.
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