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Curvy Scouts: “Passengers”!
Aug 30, 2015

Hey! Check out “Passengers”, a sci-fi novella in progress at the Curvy Scouts site, now with over 300 pages of Scout-only comics and art!

If you’re not a Scout yet, hit the button:

Women’s health & freedom fundraiser!
Aug 30, 2015

Through Sept 30, 2015, 100% of the cover price of all Curvy books will go to Planned Parenthood. Give a loved one the gift of smut at the Curvy store and support family planning and reproductive rights around the world!

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Curvy, Volume 4

The fourth Curvy volume is here, featuring Anaïs and Fauna’s return to Boring World! 106 indecent pages. Buy a copy at CreateSpace! It’s $9.99.

Curvy: Lost Temple of Ow

Three adventurers from Dungeon World battle the evil Conquistadorcs and their dark lord, Jesus, in this tale from the Curvy Scouts archives. 50 nubile pages. Buy a copy at CreateSpace! It’s $8.99.

Curvy, Volume 3

The glorious third print installment of Curvy is here! 104 filthy pages. Buy a copy at CreateSpace! It’s $9.99.

Curvy: Lava World Vacation

The previously subscriber-only treat, now in book form! Anaïs and Fauna go hiking in the mountains of not-so-idyllic Lava World. 32 sexy pages. Buy a copy at CreateSpace! It’s $7.99.

Curvy, Volume 2

The second Curvy book, featuring Anaïs and Fauna’s wanderings in Water World! 84 salacious pages. Buy a copy at CreateSpace! It’s $9.99.

Curvy, Volume 1

The first Curvy book — introducing Boring World, Candy World, and their intrepid heroines! 84 smutty pages. Buy a copy at CreateSpace! It’s $9.99.

Curvy Scouts!

Curvy now has an official Secret Club. Among other perks, Scout cadets gain access to an ever-expanding gallery of sketches, bonus comics, and other obscene paraphernalia.

It’s $25 a year — approximately 50¢ a week. Sign up with the button below, or check out the Curvy Scouts homepage for more info.

Wallpaper: “Queen Arugula”

Another new desktop wallpaper for Paypal donators and Curvy Scouts! Fauna discusses important matters of state with Queen Arugula of Vegetable World. Tap the tip jar and I’ll email it your way:


Rho books are still available for ordering, so hit the Rho site for more info or just click here:

World War 3 Illustrated

Hey! It’s issue 40 of long-running political zine World War 3 Illustrated! Including a short comic story by yours truly, plus great stuff by literally zillions of other indie cartoonists. GO GET THIS THING at Top Shelf. 120 pages. Five bucks.

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