Curvy: A sexy sci-fi adventure romance comic book for adults.

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MORE NEWS! Come see me at the Easton Book Festival at noon this Sunday, October 27!

I’ll be chatting comics (in particular the new Curvy book) with a fellow weirdo cartoonist: my mom! Stop by, check it out. I’m told there may be a few precious early copies of The Complete Curvy available for adventurous attendees.

The event is at the International Fusionism Museum, 107 North 4th St, Easton, PA.

If you can’t make it out to Easton, the book is still in pre-order over at Iron Circus Comics.

A big thanks to everyone who has ordered the book. Y’all have stuck with me over a very long journey and it means a lot that there are still people interested in this thing.

And now, Narts:

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