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August 9, 2022: Rainy day, part 2.
August 2, 2022: Rainy day, part 1.
July 8, 2022: Just ran across this very silly drawing from early in the pandemic, and now so have you.
June 19, 2022: Skate or die!
May 29, 2022: Skater girls.
May 7, 2022: Some more sexy devils.
April 17, 2022: Sketchbook drop! Just some sexy devils.
March 17, 2022: Sketchbook drop! Will these fine folks ever get drawn a second time? Third? Fiftieth? We shall see!
March 15, 2022: Sketchbook drop! Part deux.
March 13, 2022: Sketchbook drop! Just some tentative character doodles for who-knows-what.
February 16, 2022: And this prompt was: Goddess/Priestess/Human Sacrifice. I chose to interpret this as a very willing, and non-lethal, sort of sacrifice...
February 13, 2022: Fanart for the prompt: Daphne/Velma/Fred/Shaggy polycule. Cute or cursèd? You be the judge!
January 26, 2022: Dawnwood, page 54.
January 19, 2022: Dawnwood, page 53.
January 16, 2022: Dawnwood, page 52.
December 31, 2021: Another AO3 prompt fill fanart — in this case, the leads of the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, making a Spockwich.
December 19, 2021: Dawnwood, page 51.
November 22, 2021: I was asked to do a little how-to demo on comics coloring techniques and I decided to use this rough Hellion’s Waltz pencil doodle from a few months ago as my guinea pig!
October 31, 2021: Happy Halloween! And what would Halloween be without those queens of extremely mild spookiness, Daphne & Velma?
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